Schleppt bis zu 90,000 lbs (40.824 kg)

Ideal für nahezu alle Flugzeuge in seiner Gewichtsklasse welche "ultro-Long-range" Geschäftsflugzeuge, regionale Airliner, Militärische Kampfjets und abwärts bis zu Turboprops beinhaltet.

Auch mit Kabine erhältlich.




Technische Spezifikation



  • Construction: Welded Steel Plate and Polymers preserved by Primer
    and Automotive High-Gloss Red or White Enamel Paint with special
    protective Polyurethane Coating to prevent rust, scratches and corrosion.
    Custom colors, optional.
  • Vehicle Drive: 33.1 HP/24.8 kW, 72 VDC Traction Motor mated with
    Auburn/Dana 44 Differential. Limited Slip Differential, optional.
  • Motor Speed Control: EV-200 LX SCR with On-Board Diagnostics.
    Speed controlled by Foot Throttle.
  • Batteries: Six 12 VDC, 390 AMP-HR Batteries (20 hr rate), wired in
    series. Single Point Watering System, optional.
  • GPU: Built-in Independent 12/24/28 VDC / 1175 CCA Batteries and
    Charging System, optional.
  • Motive Battery Charger: External Fully Automatic 40 AMP DC / 220
    VAC / 50/60 Hz / 1-PH Charger.
  • Nose Gear Lift Cradle: Patented Universal Nose Gear Lift Cradle
    activated by an Electric/Hydraulic Pump Assembly capable of handling
    dual and single wheel aircraft, and a Hold Down provision for light-nosed
    aircraft. Aircraft Selection System, optional.
  • Winch: Heavy-duty Hydraulic Winch with Automatic Safety Cut-Off.
    Winch and Strut Straps included.
  • Steering: Electric/Hydraulic Power Steering controlled through
    Automotive-type Tilt Wheel requiring minimal effort with very responsive
    steering action. Automatic Timer turns off power when tug not in use,
    increasing battery shift life.
  • Service Brakes: Foot Operated Hydraulic Disc-Type Service Brakes
    utilizing the final Wheel Drive Gearing to achieve maximum braking
    with minimal effort.
  • Parking Brake: Hand activated Electric Switch controlling Spring
    Applied/Hydraulic Released Calipers mounted on each Service Brake
  • Drive Tires: Single 6.50 x 10 10-ply Pneumatic Traction Tread with
    Siping. Poly-Foam and Chains, optional.
  • Steer Tires: 5.00 x 8 10-Ply Pneumatic Traction Tread mounted to a
    Fully Suspended Steer Axle. Poly-Foam, optional.
  • Lighting: Dual Forward and Aft Headlights, Four Flashing Amber
    Running Lights and Amber Strobe Light mounted Center Rear. Brake
    Lights/Turn Signals and LED Bulbs, optional.
  • Operator’s Compartment: Operator and Passenger Seats, Forward
    Facing, Premium Grade, Molded Polyurethane including Armrests.
    Operator’s Seat features a Fully Suspended, Adjustable setting for
    height, fore/aft and weight. Seat Belts, Dual Facing Operator’s Helm and
    Cab with Heater, Defroster, and Windshield Wipers, optional.
    Camera and Monitors: Camera at Aircraft Interface Area, with Color
    Monitors at “A” and “B” Station, optional.