The History of BASS

Robert Bartosch

Franziska Bartosch

The Company Franziska Bartosch Airport Supply Services was founded in 2003 by Robert und Franziska Bartosch - in 2010 we changed our legal structure into a GmbH (LTD).

Son Leonhard Bartosch is CEO since 2015.


Robert was working at Salzburg Airport for 35 years. As Ramp Service Manager he was responsible for purchasing new equipment. During that time he was a man in great demand by other airports all over Europe, as a consultant. Thanks to his many decades of experiance he inspired many producers to improve their equipment even furhter.

As having a huge knowledge with equipment he was asked by producers to represent them and this is how our jorney as BASS began.

In 2011, Son Leonahrd Bartosch joined the team after finishing his vehicle technician apprenticeship. Spending several months in the USA with LEKTRO he gained a lot of experiance in maintenance and technics around their tugs. To gain more detailed knoledge into airport life, he spent several months working at Salzburg Airport in Ramp Service. 

In 2015 Robert proudly handed the leadership of the company into his sons hands.