This extraordinary patented sweeper is the only equipment designed exclusively for collecting FOD. Debris such as nuts and bolts, pavement fragments, washers, rivets, stones, sand and gravel is collected simply, inexpensively with amazing speed (up to 40kph/25mph) and efficiency at a pick-up rate un-matched by any other sweeper.

These completely maintenance free sweepers can be installed on any motorized vehicle and are therefore the ideal equipment for any Airport, Racetrack, Driving School, Driver Safety Training Centres and many more. 

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Available Units

FOD*BOSS Single Unit

Sweeping Width: 2,4m

Sweeping Capacity: 60.000 m²/std.



FOD*BOSS Duplex Unit

Sweeping Width: 4,8m

Sweeping Capacity: 120.000 m²/std.

FOD*BOSS Triplex Unit

Sweeping Width: 7 m

Sweeping Capacity: 175.000 m²/std.