Aero LC270-RJ3G

Electronic Lavatory Service Cart

Designed for Major and Regional airlines and busy FBOs, the LC270-RJ3 is the “Large” in AERO’s Small-Medium-Large “RJ-Series” lav carts. Like the RJ and RJ2 Series, the RJ3 Series carts are built to exceed commercial airlines’ rigorous standards for ramp equipment durability.

As stand-alone units bolted into a trailer, the Gasoline LC270-RJ3G is the industry’s only “convertible” lav cart: it can be inserted into a 3/4-ton pickup truck to change the carts from towable to drivable (see the LC270-Insert, pictured below). The 46-inch (116.8cm) deck height (made of grip-strut and diamond-plate steel) is low enough for servicing regional jets but provides plenty of height for servicing larger jets. The RJ-Series carts set the standard for quality in aircraft ground support equipment.

The LC270-RJ3 Lavatory Service Cart utilizes AERO’s popular, stand-alone LC270-Insert tank system. The 100-gallon (378.5 liter) fill/flush tank holds an immersion heater for insurance against frozen blue lav fluid, and the 170-gallon (643.5 liter) waste tank features easy access for flushing, with FDA-approved, pump-less gravity drain and closed waste valve. The pump, waste valve, flow meter, and fill hose sit in the insulated and heated, split-lid rear compartment. A stow nipple holds the waste coupler and hose out of the way when not in use, and the 12-foot (3.66m) waste hose sits in a special drip-tray that contains any spillover until it can be flushed back into the waste tank through the integrated drip-tray drain.


The LC270-RJ3 – like all of AERO Specialties’ lav and water carts – comes complete with all required hoses, couplers, and fittings. The waste valve can be configured to meet any operation’s dumping requirements.


  • Honda GX160 electric start engine mated to Teel centrifugal pump (31gpm [117.3 l/min] @ 25psi; 29psi max)
  • 170-gallon (643.5 liter) waste & 100-gallon (378.5 liter) fill/flush tanks of rotationally molded polyethylene
  • Insulated aluminum case and component compartments
  • Grip-strut galvanized steel working deck
  • 8,000 lb. (3,628.7 kg.) capacity galvanized steel chassis with heavy-duty running gear
  • Low-profile 39" (99.1 cm) waste inlet height
  • Gravity dump - no waste pump required (note sloping tank)
  • Stow nipple for waste coupler sits in self-draining drip tray: clean and safe
  • Manual flow meter
  • 12' (3.66m) waste & 15' (4.57m) fill hoses
  • GA coupler
  • Winterization kit