Tows up to 210,000 lbs (95,256 kg)

Ideal for towing narrow-body airliners and airline-sized corporate jets down through regional jets and turboprops.

Also available with cabin.

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Technical Specification



  • Construction: Welded Steel Plate and Polymers preserved by Primer
    and Automotive High-Gloss Red or White Enamel Paint with special
    protective Polyurethane Coating to prevent rust, scratches and corrosion.
    Steel Rub Rails protect from side impact. Custom colors, optional.
  • Vehicle Drive: 58.3 HP/45.5 kW, 80 VDC Traction Motor mated with
    Auburn/Dana 44 Differential.
  • Motor Speed Control: EV-200 LX SCR with On-Board Diagnostics.
    Speed controlled by Foot Throttle.
  • Batteries: Dual set of two 40 VDC Industrial, 680 AMP-HR Batteries
    (6 hr rate), wired in series-parallel with Single Point Watering System.
  • GPU: Built-in Independent 12/24/28 VDC / 1175 CCA Batteries and
    Charging System, optional.
  • Motive Battery Chargers: Two external Fully Automatic 120 AMP DC
    / 208-480 VAC / 60 Hz / 3-PH Chargers. 50 Hz, optional.
  • Nose Gear Lift Cradle: Patented Universal Nose Gear Lift Cradle
    activated by an Electric/Hydraulic Pump Assembly combined with
    Aircraft Selection System and Patented Torque Sensing Turntable
    Cradle Deck.
  • Winch: Heavy-duty Hydraulic Winch with Automatic Safety Cut-Off and
    RH/LH Winch/Cradle fender controls. Winch and Strut Straps included.
  • Steering: Electric/Hydraulic Power Steering controlled through
    Automotive-type Tilt Wheel requiring minimal effort with very responsive
    steering action. Automatic Timer turns off power when tug not in use,
    increasing battery shift life. Simple Double Ended Cylinder Steering
    Axle with Tapered Roller Bearing Kingpins.
  • Service Brakes: Foot Operated Power Hydraulic Disc-Type Service
    Brakes mounted on the input to each final Wheel Drive Gearing to
    achieve maximum braking with minimal effort.
  • Parking Brake: Hand activated Electric Switch controlling Spring
    Applied/Hydraulic Released Calipers mounted on each Service Brake
  • Drive Tires: Single 28 x 12.5-15 Solid-Pneumatic Traction Tread with
    Siping. Chains, optional.
  • Steer Tires: 21 x 8-9 Solid-Pneumatic Traction Tread mounted to a
    Fully Suspended Steer Axle.
  • Lighting: Dual Forward and Aft Headlights, Four Flashing Amber
    Running Lights and Amber Strobe Light mounted Center Rear. Brake
    Lights/Turn Signals and LED Bulbs, optional.
  • Operator’s Compartment: Operator and Passenger Seats, Forward
    Facing, Premium Grade, Molded Polyurethane including Armrests.
    Operator’s Seat features a Fully Suspended, Adjustable setting for
    height, fore/aft and weight. Seat Belts, Dual Facing Operator’s Helm
    and Cab with Heater, Defroster, and Windshield Wipers, optional.
  • Camera and Monitors: Camera at Aircraft Interface Area, with Color
    Monitor at “A” Station. “B” Station Monitor, optional.