Airstart Units

Rheinmetall MSU200/400

The task to be performed is to start all main engine oftod'ays
and tomorrows generation for aircraft up to the most demanding
B777-400 and A380.


The Rheinmetall Landsysteme Air Start Units are powered by
a simple cycle bleed type gas turbine ofthe latest state of the
art design.


The units deliver compressed air for the main engine start and
far the operation of the onboard environmental controlsystem.


Main Features
The gas turbine driven MSU has proven its reliability since 1995.


The standard design features are

  • modular design
  • no scheduled maintenance
  • low cost of ownership

Additionally the units incorporate safety features such as

  • >>FADEC<< controlled with integrated »BITE«
  • automatie shut down
  • low fuellevel protection
  • overspeed protection


The basic air start unit MSU 200 Skid is available as a standalone
version, mounted on a trailer or mounted on a small
motorised chassis. Two modules form the MSU 400 V which is
also available as a skid mounted version or mounted on a
small vehicle chassis. The units can be operated individually.